Edouard Baldus and his Secret ... revealed  
Young man from Grünebach, Master of Photography
"Can I confess that it  makes me like my man Baldus a bit more..."
"It’s discoveries like this that keep me reading my email."

Malcolm Daniel in 2010, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
 Profile Birth House
 Name Eduard Baldus;
1838 changed to Édouard Baldus

Birth House EB
 Date of Birth June 5th, 1813
 Place of Birth Grünebach, Duchy of Nassau (today Germany)
 Date of Death Dec. 22nd, 1889
 Place of Death Arcueil-Cachan, France
 Countries of  Residence Sayn -Altenkirchen, part of Duchy of Nassau and assigned in1815 to Prussia (1813 -1837?)
France (1838? - 1889)
 Professions Bombardier, Counterfeiter, Painter, Photographer, Publisher
 Years active as  Photographer 1848-1880s Grünebach, Kreis Altenkirchen (today)
 Main Themes (Monumental) Architecture, incl. bridges and railway tracks and stations; landscapes; almost all in France Baldus lived there during childhood and youth
 Oeuvre (a few) 1000 of photos; published several albums and print portfolios
 Posthumous  reputation Considered as first professional architectural photographer;
renown and sought after in the international art market

Biography of Edouard Baldus by Peter Lindlein: The secret of Edouard Baldus
... revealed

Downloads (PDF):
The Secret of Edouard Baldus (E)
Das Geheimnis des Edouard Baldus (D)

Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York


A small gallery of prints and heliogravures
 of Edouard Baldus